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    Performance Ninjas Engineering - Oracle Performance Improvement
    Posted by Chris Brown on Tuesday February 05 2013 @ 05:14AM EST

    “Engineers don’t die they just go on developing”

    Ever wonder what happens to software engineers once they leave HP? Where do they go (assuming they are not candidates for retirement and still have something to offer the programming world)? Many have gone on to pastures new with Red Hat, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle just to name a few of the famous names who have benefited from the highly skilled developers who once called Paulo Alto, Colorado, Nashua and Marlboro etc. home.

    Not all however worked in those centres of excellence, being such a diverse organisation HP had engineers in many parts of the world in fact wherever there was an HP Office (and sometimes where there wasn’t one) you would likely find an engineer working beaverishly on projects that his surrounding peers either couldn’t comprehend or were passed off as a necessary evil (most HP offices are staffed by sales and marketing people, you engineers know what I mean)

    Two of those (remote working) ex HP engineers are Guy Peleg (ex Tel Aviv, now New York) and Christian Moser (Helsinki). For those of you familiar with VMS engineering these two names will be well known, both highly respected in their chosen fields, some of Guy’s achievements include working on Backup AES encryption, Backup compression, Eliminating alignment faults in the Kernel code and the License Management Facility; while Christian was known for his work on the Distributed Lock Manager and the System Dump Analyzer amongst other projects.

    Not one for the big boys these two intrepid engineers set out on a different path eventually coming together at Maklee (www.maklee.com) a database performance consultancy set up by Guy some years ago. Taking their knowledge of operating systems and applying similar diagnostic techniques they came up with market leading methods to improve performance of Oracle Server databases by looking at the system as a whole and not just the database element. This collaboration then led to the formation of another company specifically to develop and sell a brand new product called Shuriken; Shuriken encapsulates the knowledge these two guys amassed and productises it, making their skills and techniques available to a much wider audience. This new company is called Performance Ninjas Engineering (www.pninjas.com) and its very name conjures up the black arts of systems engineering coming as it does from a comment made by a customer of Maklee who said that Guy and Christian “came in through the night like ninjas” and miraculously made his Oracle database go faster.

    So Engineers don’t die they just go on developing and in this instance these two talented individuals have taken everything they learnt at Digital then Compaq and then HP and created something new, as individuals they’ve changed and grown and who knows one day their company could be up there with Red Hat, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle or even HP!

    My name is Chris Brown and I also used to work in HP’s VMS Engineering group but as Guy and Christian both remind me I wasn’t quite the engineer they were, actually I didn’t work there as an engineer (although I do have a software background) I was more strategic more like those guys who inhabit HP’s offices world-wide. Eventually our paths crossed and we are now back working together again my role being to develop the fledging business in EMEA, I try and find the people who are losing sleep over database performance they do all the clever techie stuff and explain how it all works.

    If you would like further information on what these two are up to or would like to know more about how Shuriken works with HP hardware (Integrity servers, DL980 etc.) or HP’s OSs then take a look at www.pninjas.com or send me an email at chris at pninjas dot com.

    Chris Brown

    < OpenVMS System Manager job, CO, USA | Updated version of free Alphaserver emulator now available >

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