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Latest News

VMS Mosaic 4.2
Posted by Ian on Monday September 03 2007 @ 12:49PM EDT
Thanks to George Cook, version 4.2 of the VMS Mosaic web browser is now available.


VMS Mosaic is a GUI web browser. It supports HTML V4.0 (including tables and frames), animated GIFs, cookies, secure connections, etc. It does not support Java, JavaScript or style sheets. A C compileris required to build it.

Executables built on VAX/VMS (5.4-3 and 7.3), on Alpha VMS (7.3-2 and 8.2) and IA64 (8.2-1) are available at:


These executables are unlikely to work on versions of VMS older than what they were built on, but they should work on newer versions.

The most significant changes in this release are:

1. Simultaneous inline image loading
2. Support for JPEG 2000 images.
3. Support for a few common JavaScript functions
4. Improved SSL certificate validation plus an updated CERT.PEM
5. Improved FTP support
6. Many bug and memory leak fixes, and improved performance

The complete list of changes since release 4.1:

o Added support for simultaneous inline image downloading
o Added preference settings to enable/disable and limit simultaneous image downloading
o Added support for JPEG 2000 images with LIBOPENJPEG v1.2.0
o Added support for form button OnClick and anchor URLs containing JavaScript functions "history.back()", "history.forward()", "window.close()", "window.print()", "location.reload()", "openExternal('xxx')" and "alert('xxx')"
o Added support for BUTTON tags with images
o Added support for OnClick URLs in form buttons
o Added support for BODY tags containing JavaScript redirect URLs of the form onload="document.location='url'";
o Changed the default setting of preference USE_PREFERENCES to True
o Changed the default setting of preference IMAGEVIEWINTERNAL to True
o Changed to strip out scripts and style sheets completely in the initial HTML parse
o Changed to cache only the state or text (instead of the actual widget) of form toggle buttons, pulldown option menus and text fields
o Changed to not cache form push button widgets
o Changed to ignore Refresh URLs when page loading is aborted
o Changed so that DIV tags do not line break inside NOBR tags
o Changed blank image from 8x8 to 1x1 pixels
o Changed to display blank image in place of tiny broken images
o Changed wildcard SSL certificate support to conform to RFC 2818
o Added X.509 certificate validation support for checking of X.509v3 SubjectAltName extensions when the X.509 commonName check fails
o Added Netlock, Startcom, Swisscom and Wells Fargo root authority certificates to CERT.PEM
o Added preference setting to enable/disable JPEG 2000 error and warning messages
o Added support for MIME types "image/jp2" and "image/x-jpeg2000"
o Added encyclopedia search selection to Navigate menu
o Added support for search URLs with no slash between the host and the search string (e.g. http:xxxx.com?item=1234)
o Added support for ENCTYPE in FORM tags
o Added support for STYLE=visibility:hidden in IFRAME tags
o Added support for STYLE=display:none in form and IMG tags
o Added support for Unicode &# escape sequences for black circle, dagger, double dagger, up and down pointing triangles, figure dash, lsaquo, mu, much less than, much greater than, quotation dash and rsaquo.
o Added support for UTF-8 encoded figure and quotation dashes
o Added preference to allow torn off Toolbar at startup
o Added support and preference for vertical tearoff Toolbar
o Added preference setting for text or icon Toolbar
o Added preference to enable/disable the Encryption icon
o Changed the SECURITYICON preference to enable/disable the Authentication icon
o Added "presentation mode" display which can be toggled via the mouse button 3 menu
o Added preference setting to enable/disable the "presentation mode" toggle on mouse button 3
o Added support for the XHTML HR/ tag with missing space
o Eliminated drawing of text background unless selected or blinking
o Eliminated flashing of the logo button
o Improved vertical scroll bar tracking
o Improved spacing around inline bullets
o Added support for FTP EPLF style directory listings
o Changed to use LIST instead NLST for FTP servers returning "UNIX Type: L8" in response to SYST
o Fixed problem printing images which have an alpha channel
o Removed unneeded window decorations from modal dialogs
o Changed to not display the Motif window decoration controls when in kiosk mode
o Fixed problem where modal dialogs could be obscured by other Mosaic windows
o Fixed problem displaying transparent BMP images
o Fixed internal images (e.g. the broken image) pixmap leak
o Fixed form option menu widget leak
o Fixed problem with frame loads not being aborted by the stop and logo buttons
o Fixed problem with rescaled image width calculation in tables when only the image width is given
o Fixed problem refreshing bullets when scrolling horizontally
o Fixed crashes caused by XMP and LISTING tags
o Fixed crash caused by some animated GIFs in frames
o Fixed infinite loops on pages with inline frames when saving, printing or image cache flushing
o Fixed Cookie Jar crash caused by large cookies
o Fixed hangs caused by broken servers when returning "404 Not Found"
o Fixed Postscript printing problem caused by parentheses in titles
o Fixed problem refreshing anchors during window redisplays
o Fixed problem correctly matching unterminated & escape sequences
o Fixed problem with improperly terminated & escape sequences
o Fixed problem with progress meter percentage displaying zero during large downloads
o Fixed problem where the Logo icon was still displayed when disabled via the KIOSK or GUI_LAYOUT preferences
o Fixed problem with Return not submitting some single text field forms
o Fixed problem where frame form submissions did not reset cursor and logo button
o Fixed LIBWWW2 memory leaks on interrupted connections
o Fixed problem where LIBTIFF would not build with MMK
o Added Display to the HTML Widget context to eliminate use of XtDisplay
o Reduced usage of XSetFont, XSetForeground and XSetBackground
o Fixed crash caused by TITLE tooltips in frames
o Fixed problem with anchored image table width calculation
o Added /IDENTIFICATION as a synonym for the /VERSION qualifier
o Upgraded PNG library to version 1.0.24
o Reduced the size of Postscript output by 1KB for each color image after the first one
o Changed to not preallocate font and body colors on Truecolor displays
o Changed to not use USEICONBAR and USETEXTBUTTONBAR preferences
o Removed PARAMS and ARGSn macros from LIBWWW2
o Various bug and memory leak fixes

George Cook

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