WASD 11.2.0

WASD Version 11.2.0 is now available.

This release further refines the significant internal changes required for HTTP/2 support. It is substantially a performance and reliability release. Other enhancements largely introduced from community request and suggestion.

At the same time, the following products have been updated :

OPENSSL V1.0.2o (IA64 and AXP)
ALAMODE V11.2.a (IA64, AXP and Vax)
MONDESI V6.2.0 (IA64, AXp and Vax)
wCME V1.3.0 (IA64 and AXP)

All the kits can be freely downloaded from https://wasd.vsm.com.au/

See https://wasd.vsm.com.au/wasd_root/doc/misc/changes.html for a list of changes.

Thanks to Mark G. Daniel, WASD code developer and maintainer.